Bellingham Personal Training & Life Coach Resources

by Savannah Wishart

For Bellingham locals, this page will be continuously updated to share where you can find me and who I might refer you to for the best of the best services, when it comes to self development, personal training, group classes, nutrition and more.

Where you can find me! 

I am coaching group classes and serving personal training clients at Trailhead Athletics near Squalicum Park. This place is for you if you are an athlete looking to level up your game.

Coming soon on-site: nutrition coaching with a focus on paleo diet.

On occasion, I am substituting to teach yoga for Lacy at @bellinghamtreehouseyoga (found on Instagram and a closed facebook group).

Other Resources

Intense, military-style training is something that is missing from Bellingham. If this is something you’re seeking, I recommend remote coaching with Johan at (based out of Sweden). If looking for a local butt-kicker, I am also available, with a Nordic Military Training Instructor certification, obtained in Sweden.

For multi-layered breathwork, integrative health, and functional movement, I refer everyone to my dear friend and phenomenal coach, Griffin Coombs, living in Morocco. Find him at for remote coaching.

More to come!