Life Coaching at Trailhead Athletics

In celebration of offering life coaching services at Trailhead,
I’m offering members FREE (!) 30 minute goal setting sessions. 

What is life coaching and how will it elevate your life? 

Life coaching is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a certified and licensed coach, to look to the future and create the life that you want.

Whereas a therapist often looks to the past, a life coach uses forward-focused skills and practices to get from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. Together, we connect the dots to maximize your human potential. “Maximizing human potential” looks different to everyone. This might be as simple (but not easy) as taking steps to reduce stress in your life, or creating the building blocks to finally launch the business you’ve been dreaming of. Using the Unbeatable Mind method as a foundation, we look at how to get unstuck, shining light on blindspots that are keeping us in patterns that are holding us back.

The most sustainable steps are small, but with time and commitment and consistency, those steps send ripples of transformation across our lives – better communication, stress and emotional management, self-discipline, and more.

30 Minute Goal Setting Session at Trailhead Athletics 

Curious about life coaching, but not sure if it’s for you?

In celebration of offering life coaching services at Trailhead, I’m offering members FREE (!) 30 minute goal setting sessions. Use the calendar to book, and feel free to answer the attached questions if they inspire you. Otherwise, leave them blank. If the days and times don’t work, send me a text for a 1:1 discovery session booking instead!

Why life coaching? This is a great opportunity for you if you’re feeling stuck with fitness, nutrition… or simply think that life could be a little bit better!

During this session, we’ll tailor it to fit exactly where you are in life. I’ll use the Unbeatable Mind coaching method as a foundation, developing your Five Mountain Training plan – with physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and “kokoro”-focused goals.

If you already know you’re ready to dive in to a 3 month commitment of life coaching, keep reading below for my other life coaching offerings! 

Discovery Session – $95

60 minute curiosity consultation to explore life coaching possibilities. We look at the Five Mountain Training Plan and Six Pillar Assessment to lay a baseline of where you are at. Together we explore goals connected to the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitive, and Spiritual/”Kokoro” areas of life. 

The Six Pillar Assessment includes: nutrition and hydration, stress management, time in nature, community connection, sleep hygiene, fitness and movement. 

You’ll walk away from our session empowered with one action item and a S.M.A.R.T. plan moving forward (whether booking future sessions or doing the work on their own). 

3 Month Package (bi-weekly meetings) – $500/month

 A 3-month training package gives time and space to take a deep dive into the Five Mountain Training Plan and Six Pillar Assessment. We meet bi-weekly (in person or via Zoom), and between sessions I give as-needed accountability support: text, email, or phone. Each session, you receive a homework assignment and we work together to track daily habits. 

In addition to the training assessments and goal setting, we build morning and evening routines, create spot drills to bring your attention back to your daily goals, practice stress management spot drills, and more. 

Monthly Health Coach Support – $130 

This is for you if you are maintaining your discipline with your daily commitments to health, and wanting to level up your training. 

Together we look at nutrition, stress management, and training goals to see where we can fine tune to take your training to the next level. Unlike the other options, this option sticks specifically to Physical Mountain Training goals. 

Unbeatable Mind – 3 month minimum – $1,000/month

From the Unbeatable Mind website: 

Do you wish you had the mental toughness of a Navy SEAL? Do you seek the confidence to deal with any threat, to steer any situation to a positive outcome? If so, you can now learn the inner secrets of Navy SEAL Mental Toughness and a develop a Warrior Offensive Mind-set from a veteran teacher of Special Operators, Corporate Executives, and Elite Athletes in the Unbeatable Mind Academy.

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