Meet Savannah

Savannah Wishart rucking in Norway

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Hej, I’m Savannah.

I’m happiest when I’m moving my body and have my world on my back. A mountain helps, too.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Lifestyle Design Coach. Unbeatable Mind Coach. 6x MILRUCK Finisher (Winter Tough, Online Bootcamp, 2x Gold Tough, Gold Brave). Journalist. Storyteller. Photographer. Artist. Stylist. Chef. Curator of Creative Living. Creative Director. Athlete.

The sum of which adds up to what I like to call… the multi-dimensional being.

In 2013, I founded The Primal Revolution. 

That is, I snapped up the domain name as fast as possible, and started throwing the words around as if they meant something. Of course they meant something, but it’s not until recently that I’ve fully grasped what those words actually mean to me, and how I can transmit that concept out into the world.

In Mark Divine’s words, 

“I’m here to be a warrior and a leader. To master myself so I can fulfill this purpose as best I can.”

Being a warrior is a place in the world I must earn each day. To me, that means consistently pushing my limits to embrace life outside a comfort zone.

This is where I come alive.

I live by example. By consistently testing my strengths (and weaknesses) in extreme environments, I strive to show my clients what they are capable of achieving.

With commitment and the right mindset, anything is possible.

I believe that some level of perfection is attainable. Let the critics pour in – “perfection is impossible; an unrealistic goal that will set you up for failure.” But I disagree.

Because it is with this mindset – the mindset that perfection is within reach – that we achieve excellence.

Not a “state” of excellence; as that would suggest a final destination, a plateau, or a finish line. No, not a state.

Rather, an ebb & flow of excellence; one that we must strive for each day.

There are no finish lines here.

What if I told you that the life of your wildest dreams is possible? A healthy body and mind? What if I told you it was all within reach?

What would you be willing to sacrifice?

Your biggest obstacle is you. Let’s start breaking down those limits today.

Savannah Wishart in South Africa

Short, sweet, & to the point –

Savannah Wishart is the 1st & only certified Unbeatable Mind Coach in Sweden, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Lifestyle Design Coach, freelance photographer, writer, & stylist. She has completed 6 MILRUCK events, & counting. You might catch her serendipitously roaming the world or migrating inconsistently between the Grand Canyon, Italian Dolomites, & Stockholm, Sweden. She founded The Primal Revolution in 2013, and has since devoted her creative energy to visually exploring what it means to live a life infused with the ultimate human experience, free from the excess static of modern society. 

Someone out there is living the life of your dreams. Why aren’t you?

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