Supplement your retreat with 1-on-1 somatic photo sessions for your guests, and provide them with a life coach as an anchor-point to transform their life when they return home.

The best retreat experiences are held within the heart of breathtaking scenery, offering once in a lifetime experiences – and they are often containers for radical growth, transformation, and healing. 

Within this time and space, anything is possible. Human connection, movement, nature, and nourishing food bring people closer to themselves as they shed the layers of modern society. The sound of the ocean waves drown out the excess static of busy-ness created by urban environments.

Retreats are spoken about as an escape from life – but isn’t it more true that they bring us closer to experience what we, as humans, are meant to be doing with our minds and bodies, amongst like-minded community? 

What if guests had the opportunity to turn their body into a piece of art they could decorate their wall with when returning home? 

My somatic photo shoot experiences guide people into their bodies, and as they remove layers of clothing, they find an unfamiliar feeling of freedom and the shoot that unfolds becomes a container of safety and vulnerability, where they form a more loving relationship with their bodies. 

Not only do they walk away infused with a new level of confidence, they amplify the transformational experience of the retreat by celebrating themselves – body, mind, and soul – weaving their limbs amongst stones, being ravished by waves, and wrapped around trees. Their bodies, turned into art – the perfect way to document a milestone in their lives. 

Wherever the home is they return to, they can hang their art on their wall and have a forever memory that lasts longer than 15 seconds on social media. 

Outside of the carefully curated container of the retreat you create for them, how can they carry possibilities of growth forward when they return home?

When experiencing such a potent experience, the mind reprograms and we are encouraged to open up to new realms of possibility. If guests have such a breakthrough, do they have the resources when returning home to make powerful changes within their life and move forward with conscious intention?

If called to re-invent themselves… what if… they had on-going support from a life coach to carry forward with them when they return? An opportunity to extend the experience beyond the specified container of time where the retreat exists, and to facilitate radical change that moves them toward a more aligned life. 

This could exist first in having a life coach on site as a resource, for 1-on-1 sessions with guests as well as hosting workshops around mindset, mental health, creativity, and other tools that support people to lean into life a little deeper. When someone has a breakthrough, they have an opportunity to have a coach work with them remotely for a few more weeks, providing an anchor to the retreat from afar – and supporting them as a resource of accountability as they create transformation in their home life. 

Certified and licensed as an Unbeatable Mind coach, I weave together tools from a program based on techniques from the US Navy SEALs, covering transformation across the full spectrum of life – and add my own expertise in around both sensual and primal embodiment, as well as a vast understanding of the nervous system. 

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