Press Kit

by Savannah Wishart

Hello, olá, ciao, hej! I’m Savannah.

I’m a freelance photographer with a background in food & advertising, writer, fine art model, and mindset coach – amongst a few other things. I have an insatiable curiosity for life, and over the last decade I’ve devoted myself to exploring an expansive range of arts, skills, and perspectives.

I’m happiest when I’m carrying heavy weights within the heart of nature, with a journal to record philosophical thoughts – preferably surrounded by expansive mountains that cut chunks out of the sky, but any natural environment will do.

I was born in California, grew up in Colorado, and since graduating university in Santa Barbara, CA in 2012, I have spent a decade living a mostly nomad lifestyle. Of the last 6 years, I have spent about half of that time living in Sweden, where I currently reside with a self employment work visa. Ultimately, my goal is to restore a farmhouse in Italy and create a community space centered around fitness, slow food, art, leadership, and Shibari.

As a visual and written storyteller, I weave narratives with a unique perspective that combines psychology as a human performance coach, my own experiences as a female athlete within male-dominant sports, experience working as a civilian with veteran-owned brands, over a decade in Paleo nutrition, an expertise in the nervous system in relation to Shibari (amongst other taboo topics), and a few other things.

I work with travel publications and brands to tell stories that go beyond the “how to…” and “top 5…”, but instead are philosophically infused with depth that reaches beneath the surface of the obvious. I specialize in poetry, slow food, the art of slow living, artisan craft, outdoor nature and adventure, human connection and intimacy, mental health awareness, and primal movement/fitness.

I am open to commissions, assignments, and collaborations around the globe. If you are a travel editor or a brand who resonates with my interpretation of the world, let’s chat!

Read more about me here. Or, get to know me as a coach, fine art body model, or athlete. (I have many layers!)

Otherwise, continue scrolling to enjoy a sampling of where you can find my work published in print.
All lighting, photography, cooking, food styling, and writing has been created with my hands.

For more recent portfolio samples (not yet published in print):
travels in Italy    |    recipes & seasonal food ingredients    |    fine art nude landscapes (nsfw)