Salted Meringue | Ethos: Love

by Savannah Wishart
Naked woman in the woods, Stockholm, Sweden


one who loves life deeply & lives it to the extreme

from a distance

you watch waves foam

at my lips

salted meringue

beating against my teeth


is what you imagine

beneath the surface

but if I let you in

to wade in the

waters of my heart

I worry that your feet will

never leave the ground

you’ll wade

waist deep

and you’ll see that the

depths were an illusion

painted by a raging sea

the brush

taking on turbulence

from life lived

beyond a constant

sunny disposition

at least I know

the clouds that pulse

with the beat of blood

rushing through my veins

are no illusion

no matter the depth

your feet find buried

in the sand

will you have the courage

to take a breath

expand your lungs

with my last exhale

breathe me in

dive deep

and meet me underneath


Naked woman in the woods, Stockholm, Sweden

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