Forging Fluidity: on navigating primal purpose | New Podcast

by Savannah Wishart
Forging Fluidity podcast cover: surf photography in Portugal

The best new podcast has come into the world.

Introducing Forging Fluidity: on navigating primal purpose, co-hosted with my dear friend and fellow coach, Griffin Coombs.

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We are finally coming together in an organic dialog where we weave together various layers of the consciously-lived (and unpretentious) human experience.

We have had SO many incredible conversations over the years, where I walk away thinking,
We should have recorded this! The world is missing out on eavesdropping on our wisdom.”

Following my compass focused on “allow it to be easy,” this podcast fits perfectly. Our conversations have always flowed with ease, and we naturally dive deep. Our chemistry naturally builds on each other and nudges us deeper, shifting our perspectives and shining light on blindspots.

As coaches and lifelong athletes, we invite you into our personal journeys of transformation, growth, and challenge – how we support ourselves, each other, and our clients in the constant state of change across the full spectrum of life.

Connecting with core values around primal health, functional movement, nutrient-dense nutrition, mindset, breath-work, and everything in-between – Griffin and Savannah have forged a strong friendship fueled by deeply powerful conversations around their experiences navigating the modern world with uncommon perspectives.

We would love if you have a listen, rate our show, and help us grow! We are enjoying stepping fully into this creative process. 

Join us in consciously leaning into a life that feels nothing less than fully alive.


With each episode of Forging Fluidity, we invite you to go deeper with an action step. Why? Because listening is fairly passive, and conscientious action is where radical transformation happens. And that’s why you’re here, right? 

With today’s episode, your invitation is to grab a pen and journal. Create some space for stillness, drop into your body, and ask yourself:

How do you get out of your head and into your body?
If you are naturally always in your head, going deeper into your head might not be supportive.
Where do you naturally gravitate?

As we discuss morning rituals as part of our Pilot, Griffin emphasizes that as someone who naturally spends a lot of time in his headspace, he gets more value out of prioritizing physical movement.

On the other hand, as a writer, Savannah uses words and a pen to pull thoughts out of her head, allowing for a lighter energy.

Not sure where to get started in dropping down into your body? Contact either of us to get started!


Griffin is a movement and breathing coach based in Tangier, Morocco, whose work centers around guiding all types of people to define and explore their approach to fitness and physical wellbeing in a way that supports their natural athleticism and self-expression in their bodies. This includes helping seasoned fitness enthusiasts to “level up” by closing their gaps in some of the most overlooked areas of physicality: physical freedom, authenticity, and natural movement patterns. 

Courage, discipline,  and accountability in your training doesn’t always mean grinding hard every day. It means knowing what your mind and body need at any given time, and owning the responsibility of giving that to yourself. With a breadth of coaching experience in corrective exercise, bodyweight strength training, mobility & stability,  martial arts & combatives, Animal Flow®, and performance breathing, Griffin approaches training and coaching with this level of nuance and holistic understanding of the body that is non-negotiable for those seeking optimal health and performance. If you thought strength, mobility, and coordination were separate from each other…well…Griffin is here to show you something new. 

Connect with him on Instagram at @moves_with_coombs.

Forging Fluidity podcast cover: surf photography in Portugal


[01:40] We are coming together to create a dialog weaving together psychology, physical, mental toughness, and everything in between to create a conscious human experience – in an unpretentious way. 

[3:25] An organic dialog to shift perspective around attaching meaning to our experiences, how to build upon our perspective, and how we can apply different training components to mental, physical, emotional health to tie it together in a spiritual sense. 

[5:24] “There must be another way. “ An empty feeling that something is missing within the modern paradigm, and that life can be lived with more depth. 

[6:35] The work is never done. We are fully engaged in the learning process of our development. 

[7:15] Amongst our experimental exploration that sometimes leads to uncertain results, there are foundational things that we know work for us as individuals: the bedrock of what it means to be “well.” The compass that points us back to our foundation. 

[7:50] Question – Griffin to Savannah: 

What are the foundational elements in your life that you know work for you, even and especially when in the midst of navigating change?

[8:17] A new perspective: Just because I can live without something, doesn’t mean I have to, or that I should. Routines support me in being my best self. 

[10:38] What feels easy, without fading into complacency? 

[11:20] We think of becoming ourselves, but what if we are unbecoming? Remove layers of “not self” to step into our core identity. 

[12:40] Question back to Griffin: 

What are your anchor points to maintain a sense of self? 

[15:40] Quote reference: The novice will add something to make something more functional; the master will remove the dysfunctional thing. You don’t have to always add something to make it better; you can remove what is making it “bad” in the first place. 

[19:25] Meditation is experience without thought. Can you base your day on the information that it’s giving you, without attaching a story to it? Can you honour your physicality? 

Suggestions for tapping into that: breathing, body scan meditation, moving with mindfulness. 

[21:41] Find a routine that feels simple, instead of following a formula that someone else has laid out. What feels good for you? Create a positive foundation that makes your morning feel good. 

[22:14] Question from Savannah to Griffin: 

How do you differentiate what feels good for our growth, and what feels comfortable or indulgent, leading to complacency?

On the opposite side, how do we differentiate leaning into a challenge because it facilitates growth in uncomfortable ways, or something that feels hard because we are forcing something out of alignment?

[26:58] When you take time to become an expert, then you have an experiential reference point to add that specific skill at a high level to your broader foundation. 

[28:24] Have the courage to step away from what we are identifying strongly with and trust our foundation will remain when we come back to it.  

[29:55] Coming back to understanding the difference between what feels “good” as indulgence/comfort vs alignment; and an appropriate challenge vs unnecessary forcefulness. 

[30:32] Savannah plays Devil’s Advocate: 

As a listener, drinking a glass of wine after work feels good. Therefore I should do it, if I follow what feels good, right? It’s hard to wake up early for a morning routine, so should I not do it because it’s hard? 

Can you articulate a subtle difference between the two? 

[33:50] More clout needs to be given to intuition. Can you hear your intuition if you are indulging in self destructive behaviors as a form of escapism? Give yourself the time to try things. Get more sleep, go outside, get away from your computer. 

[37:00] Reflect question back to Savannah: You’ve been experimenting with misalignment and letting go of things. How do you determine what feels good or not?

[45:25] Book reference from Griffin: Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite. It is a case for being totally unconventional. 

[50:33] The themes we have been talking about: De-conditioning. Peeling back layers to reach an understanding of energy. Find your body and quiet the mind to lean into somatic experiences that guide you into what is good for you. 

[50:58] Confidence is a muscle that needs to be consistently trained. 

As a coach: do you want to offer a textbook version of yourself, or an experience where you create a safe space for your clients to show up and be vulnerable, honest, and authentic with you? 

[52:36] If you have a grounded anchor of self, you can show up in a different way for your client and have an ability to take them places – helping them to feel into vulnerability and uncover different layers of self. 

[52:59] In the beginning of your personal development journey, you’re trying to become someone. You’re striving. At a certain point, you fall into a natural way of being, and this is where authenticity comes in. You stop trying and show up in this quiet confident sense of self. You are who you are. 

[53:43] Future episode notes: explore crossing the line between trying to be a competent, “this or that,” vs. knowing you are now “that.” Instead, you focus on showing up with authenticity. 

[54:30] Note for audience: Both of us are coaches, and by revealing our insights with personal experiences, we can show you with examples that doing the work is never done. As coaches, we coach ourselves, have coaches, and have peers to continue our development. Whoever your role models are in the world, everyone is constantly growing and falling and tripping and hurting and healing. This is a little bit of insight into our process.

Savannah Wishart is: always identifying as a multi-dimensional human being. As a CFL1 trainer, Unbeatable Mind coach, and sensual embodiment coach for men, she supports people to tap into their maximum human potential and consciously curate the life of their dreams. As a writer, photographer, and model, she specializes in fine art nude landscapes and applies nudity as a transformative tool for healing the nervous system. Advocate for normalizing nakedness.

You can currently find her learning to surf & skimboard in Ericeira, Portugal.

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